Laura Francella

Coming from many generations of self-proclaimed extroverts, I always knew that a relationship-based career was in my blood. Born in Kirkland Lake and raised here in Simcoe County, I have an effective combination of north-eastern tenacity and southern charisma. I like to win for my clients, but do so with a calm demeanour and a smile.

Initially, I was drawn to Real Estate not only because of my background in sales and marketing, but primarily for the chance to see, meet, and interact with new people regularly. Connecting with clients is a vibrant and rewarding experience for me, and being a Realtor only further propels my core skills. I am certain that the Simcoe County area has everything that anybody could ever need in a home, and that’s what I love about this region—its abundance in style and neighbourhoods. Where you live becomes the centre of your universe: your “home base” and a place where memories are made. You should always feel comfortable leaning on your Realtor...after all, we are here to keep the process fluid, successful, and as low-stress as possible.

When I'm not slinging houses, you can find me spending quality time with my family and friends, working up a sweat in LesMills classes, and my husband's personal favourite-- rearranging our furniture every 6 weeks. 

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